Q Berlin is Berlin's Conference on Social Matters

In increasingly complex times, spaces for open dialogue are more important than ever; to share global perspectives, exchange ideas, and to inspire and shape the future we want to live in.

Q Berlin is such a space.

We believe our dynamic city should act as a strong voice in the response to the challenges of climate change, civil responsibility, urban life, new work and new technologies.


Nadia Murad at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Nadia Murad / Keynote Q Berlin and Conversation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Nadia Murad’s keynote at Q Berlin on November 7, 2019, left a lasting impression. The Yezidi Nobel Peace Prize winner’s very presence was perhaps just as powerful as her words, as her will to persist and her commitment to protecting the rights of women and children were strikingly apparent to…

Little Sun Presentation

Presentation and Performances by Little Sun – Here Comes the Sun

The environment-startup Little Sun, cofounded by the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, let the sun shine in with their appearance at Q Berlin on November 7, 2019. During the afternoon conference program, director Felix Hallwachs spoke about the Little Sun Foundation’s goals and mission, demonstrating its namesake – a little,…